Thursday, September 27, 2007

An introduction to the landscape

Thanks to the urging of another retail and urban development fan (Mitch Glaser, author of the very interesting and informative Paradox Unbound), I am finally getting up some photos of recent excursions I have taken. Most of my photos of the built environment are of things around Arizona, but I have a handful from Chicagoland that I will try to pull out as time goes on.

I took my first venture to Superior, Arizona (approximately 50-75 miles east of Phoenix) in February 2007. I was completely amazed at first sight. Here was a town where the mines closed about 25 years ago, and it looked like nobody had done much with the town since that time.

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I had to start with Sprouse. I lived in a town in southern Arizona in the early 1990s and Sprouse was the only department store in town. It was much more modern than this store, however.


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